Oct 11, 2012

Spooky cute.

Personally I think this 7x2" Spooky decorative block from Bubblewrappd is way cuter than it is spooky, but that's just me! :D I have one of these on my very own mantel, and love it! It's such a cute little accessory to your holiday decor!

Bubblewrappd is owned and operated by Amanda from Tulsa, OK. She is a total sweetie who I met via Twitter! If you are on there, be sure to give her a follow, she is such a fun person to get to know! :)

I am going to showcase a few of my favorite products from Amanda's Etsy shop. Everything she makes is seriously so adorable! Be sure to follow her on Instagram - sometimes she has flash sales on there for her followers! That's how I scored my Spooky block. :)

Aren't these all super cute?! I love them!

Question for you - how do you decorate for the holidays?


  1. Usually just window clings and a couple little knick knacks. This year we are also doing art projects so.we will hang those up as well.

    1. We haven't put out anything yet besides tiny pumpkins! Definitely need to string up some of my green lights!



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