Oct 9, 2012

Super cool!

 That's what this prize is! fAveritte Creations is donating a hero set - one cape (you chose the fabric and personalize it with your child's initial!), a matching super hero mask, utility belt and wrist bands!

Amy, the owner of fAveritte Creations, makes unique and often silly creations that can be custom ordered or personalized with your child's name. Some of her products include the cape sets like above, cute loveys for kids in bright, crazy colors and texture combos, tooth fairy pillows, and cute decor for the young at heart! Each creation is one of a kind, because Amy doesn't use any patterns - she draws the shapes on fabric just before she cuts them out, so each and every creation is the whimsical brainchild of Amy's creativity! Check out some of the albums Amy has up on Facebook - she is so creative! You can also hit her up on Twitter or check out her blog! :)

 I hope you enjoy this fun interview with Amy and enjoy her colorful creations!

Do you have any special seasonal items in your shop?
New this year are trick or treat bags for Halloween...and in a few weeks I will be adding custom Christmas stockings!
What is your favorite thing about Autumn?
I have a few: hot chocolate, crisp air, sweaters, knit socks and boots, and the leaves changing
What are you dressing up as for Halloween? How about your kids (if you have them)?
My 2 year old son I am making him an elephant costume because he is OBSESSED with them right now! My 9 year old daughter asked me to make her a water fairy outfit with these specifics: blue glitter fabric and a tulle tutu :) As for me...I haven't thought about it yet.
Do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween? How?
Absolutely!!! I love changing our kitchen table cloth to match the seasons/holidays so that is first. We spread those fake spiderwebs all over our front porch with the plastic spiders spread through out, fake limbs and tombstones outside. I have quite a few knick knacky Halloween decor items that will go through out the house and we even string up orange Christmas lights.
What was your most epic Halloween costume?
Most epic costume...hmmmmmmm...the first one that came to mind was in high school I was the yellow M & M...the costume was so huge and bulky I couldn't sit down, walk through doors...it was definitely the most uncomfortable costume I ever wore.
What is your favorite thing about Halloween?
I love carving pumpkins with the family...the hubster and I always go all out and try to out design each other...just for friendly competiton. The last two years my toddler son has painted his pumpkins. We turn on a Halloween inspired music channel and just create...then we bake the pumpkin seeds to enjoy for a tasty snack.
What is your favorite Halloween candy?
I LOVE the chocolate/caramel/peanut butter filled eyeballs!
What about Autumn/Halloween inspires you in your crafty business?
I love sillyness...and I love playing on all of the silly and ghastly characters associated with Halloween.

I love Amy's color and spunk in her creations! You all know me, I am a sucker for color. ;) So my question for you is:

 what is your favorite color?


  1. My fave color has always been a great hot pink...but to be honest all colors get me pretty excited! Thanks so much for the great feature and the fantabulous giveaway. I am so excited to be apart of it :)

    1. Thank you SO much for being a part of it! :) Love your flair! :)

  2. Not sure where I need to post/share my blog comment about my favorite scary movie...so here it is: I don't like scary movies...I don't watch scary movies...but my favorite Halloween movie is "Hocus Pocus".



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