Oct 25, 2012

Switching gears!

Wow, Halloween is only 6 days away! O.O I can't believe how SOON it is! I have been sewing monster totes like crazy (and they have been selling like crazy!). I think I've sewn 50 some monster totes since September. Oi! That's a lot of monster totes.

But now that Halloween is just around the corner, it's time to switch gears. I am going to start working on Mon-stors, and stocking the shop for the holidays! Small Mon-stors are always really popular to be used as stockings, so I am going to work on a ton of those in the coming weeks. :)

A side note, I am still not accepting custom orders. I know, it's really disappointing but I am focusing on building a sizable inventory for the shop so that when I do take customs back up again, I don't get behind on keeping the shop stocked like I have in the past. It's hard to keep up with custom orders and keep the shop stocked when Mon-stors are selling almost as fast as I am listing them, so bear with me and I'll have customs opened again sometime after the new year. :)

That's all the monstrous updates I have for now! Keep your peepers peeled for new Mon-stors hitting my shop in the coming weeks! Several people voted on keeping the totes year round, so they will still be available though after I finish up what I have cut out, I won't be making any more until after the year! So if you see one you like, grab it now!

If you ordered a monster tote for me to use for a trick or treat tote this year, please send me photos of your littles in their costumes with their totes! I would love to see them and showcase them all on my blog!


  1. I can't believe Halloween is so close! I'm not ready :(

    1. Me either - I got SO lucky and my son is Herobrine from Minecraft - super easy costume! :D



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