Oct 7, 2012

You never know when you will trigger a horde...

 Be prepared with a pipe bomb and health pack always at hand in your car! These super cute mini Left 4 Dead 2 inspired amigurumi car decor pieces are an epic prize for the gamers out there!

Donated by The Knotty Nerdsery creates crocheted items for the geek and video game crowds! Owner/creator Ashley is a big video game fan! About her work:
In every piece I make I try to capture not only the color scheme and look, but the overall feeling of the game that I am inspired by. I pay close attention to detail to really make my crochet items one of a kind and quality items that my costumers deserve! I think what sets me apart is the fact that I don't just make gaming items, but I also have spent innumerable hours playing them myself. This helps me to really make items true to form and something I would want to buy for myself as a fan of the games.

I have been a huge fan of Ashley's work, ever since I found her Facebook page! Her product photography is amazing and she has such a fun personality! If you love talking video games and geekery, hit her up on Twitter or check out her blog to learn more about her and her geeky art! I hope you guys enjoy this fun interview!

Do you have any special seasonal items in your shop?

Unfortunately I do not have any season items currently. But a few of my items (the mustache on a stick, Zelda bomb bag set and some Mario items) have been used in Halloween costumes and in cosplay! There quite a few decoration items I have wanted to make for Halloween, since it is my favorite holiday, but I have not had the time to do so. I think I will start on holiday items in the summer next year!

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

Autumn is the season I look forward to most! The color changes, crisp cool air, sweaters, hot coffee, sleeping all bundled up in warm pajamas, beautiful scarves and hats, making a fire and curling up next to it with a book...Halloween....what is not to love?!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? How about your kids (if you have them)?

This year my husband and I will be Lux Interior and Poison Ivy from the band The Cramps. The funny thing about this is that we already resemble them and are in a band together, so it just seems perfect! My kids were going to be Adventure Time characters but have recently decided on Left 4 Dead characters instead! My son wants to be Francis and my daughter, Zoey. I will be making their costumes and all the accessories to go with it! I am completely excited for the mini cosplay they will have!

 Do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween? How?

I go all out on decorating for Halloween! I used to have fall decorations and Halloween decorations, but over the years it has transformed into purely a Halloween collection! I make crafts all the time, and try to include the kids into all my decoration crafting so we usually end up making a ton of DIY decorations. Which I should actually call "made up on the spot crafts with things I find around the house or in the recycle bin" decorations, but sometimes those are the best kind!

What was your most epic Halloween costume?

I have always had a love for special effects makeup, so the year I was running the Boise Zombie Walk, I had gone all out on my zombie makeup making it look as if part of my face was torn off. It was pretty epic, if I do say so myself!

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

Everything! I love the decorations, traditions, costumes, folklore, horror movies, pumpkins, zombies and makeup, laughing kids trick-or-treating hoping for treats.....these are a few of my favorite things. (I actually started singing that song in my head as I was typing, I'm a regular Julie Andrews! LOL)

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

I love the chocolate and peanut butter combination, Reeses are my absolute favorite!

What about Autumn/Halloween inspires you in your crafty business?

I am completely inspired by the colors and the traditional items associated with this season, such as pumpkins, leaves, and candy corn. The oranges, blacks, and earth tones as well as the chilly feeling of the season makes me want to create away!

How fun is The Knotty Nerdsery?  Everytime I browse her shop I get great memories of my geeky youth - Zelda, Mario, The Labyrinth.. She has definitely captured the personality of a few of my favorite games!

What is your favorite video game?



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