Oct 7, 2012

Get creative with this prize!

 The Individuality is offering up a creative deal so good it's kinda spooky - $25 gift certificate towards any custom graphic design services offered! 

If you remember, a few months ago Lu & Ed got a new look - a fun and funky colorful Mon-stor logo! Megean was GREAT to work with. She offers exactly what her business is named - Individuality! She gave me total control over the look, and was very patient with me when I changed my mind half way through the process about the direction I wanted to go in with my new look, catered to my every request and in the end, I had the perfect Mon-stor logo for Lu & Ed! 

But it was more than just the process - the entire package I got from her was amazing. I got my logo, image only, text only, 2 file types in 3 different sizes, and black and white versions. And she also designed address labels to match my brand plus blog buttons! She offers more bang for your buck, that is for sure, and her prices are amazing for the quality of work and amount of branding tools you get with your branding package! If you are looking into branding or rebranding your handmade biz, definitely check out The Individuality. I can't say enough amazing things about my experience working with Megean! I am thrilled to have her as part of the Spooktacular giveaway and excited to see what the winner does with their gift certificate! Megean loves to work with handmade and indie business owners - she says they are already bursting with creativity and unique personality and she loves to help them show it off with a strong and consistent marketing campaign!

If you live in Alabama you may have seen work from The Individuality and not even known it - Megean was the designer who created the logo for the Rebuild Tuscaloosa campaign after the disastrous tornadoes tore through her home town. ♥ I hope you all enjoy getting to know Megean through this mini-interview! I will be showing off several of Megean's previous customer designs through out the post to give you a taste of her work!

 What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

Alabama Weather! Fall is absolutely beautiful in Alabama. The temperature once again reaches a non-smothering point. While it does not get very cool here, the drop in humidity is always welcome. It is a great time to be outside! I also love the color palette that represents autumn. Warm, inviting colors are bound to bring happiness to anyone. The deeper shades of yellow mixed with oranges always makes my heart happy! 

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? How about your kids (if you have them)?

I honestly doubt I am dressing up. Even as a little kid, it just wasn’t my thing. However, as a parent I am finding that I love looking for costumes for my son. I have made a personal goal to sew his costumes. This year, I am going to attempt to turn my little man into an adorable cowboy.

Do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween? How?  

I love decorating with pumpkins and bright yellow potted mums. I am true southern girl at heart and I love to flip through the pages of Southern Living for inspiration. My overall decorating style is very clean and not over the top. I prefer to keep it on the autumn side more so than Halloween. 

What was your most epic Halloween costume?

I went as a chocolate chip cookie in 1st grade. Out of everything I might have dressed up as, it is still the one that comes to mind first. My aunt made my costume and I loved it. It even came with a little chocolate chip as a hat.
What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

Now that I have a child, I can honestly say my favorite part is watching him get excited over dressing up. He is 3 this year and I think he is really going to enjoy it. I also love how it brings families together. I live in a college town, but on Halloween it is nice to see downtown packed with young families. 

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Anything Reese’s based and this goes for ALL holidays. I would gladly toss everything else out just for a bag of reese cups.
Hey, she is also a vendor in this giveaway! ;)

What about Autumn/Halloween inspires you in your crafty business? 

As a designer, I love all holidays! I love working on designs that incorporate the overall feel and spirit of each season. I try to incorporate personality into my work and Halloween is bursting with over the top personality.
I can't say enough AWESOME stuff about Megean, seriously. She taught me that your brand doesn't just stop at your logo, or your business cards. Whoever wins this gift certificate is a very lucky person! Be sure to follow The Individuality on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with media exclusive deals and new services! 

If you win, what would you use the gift certificate for?


  1. To help my sister boost her business. She needs as much help as possible.



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