Jan 11, 2013

Fan Mail Friday 1.11.13

This winter I took a single custom order for a very dear friend, Kristina from Colorado, for her little sister for her birthday in December. Kristina's sister loved Greffly that I gifted Kristina for her baby earlier this year and Kristina's sister drew a picture of what HER monster would look like if she had one. Kristina then sent this picture over to me....

And I proceeded to turn it into a stuffed monster for her sister! She gifted her the stuffed monster for her birthday in December and recently sent me over the photos from this happy exchange! :D

She looks so excited in this picture, it makes my heart burst with joy!
Showing off her monster! :)
Greffly hangin' with his new girlfriend. ;)

These photos are from Sarah in PA. Her sister had a Mon-stor sent to Sarah as a gift for her son for Christmas! Looks like it was a hit gift! Just look at that smile! What a cutie. :)

This cute photo is from Jessica in VA. Looks like Leopold is doing a good job keeping her fabrics organized! You should check out Jessica's Sew Do Something shop on Storenvy! She's a rad textile artist!

These photos are from Tia in KY - her kids got them as gifts and Tia says "You can't really tell from these pics, but they LOVE their Mon-stors!! My mother in law wants one for her dog's toys as well. Right now, DJ's is kind of everywhere... on the door knobs, on the bed... Makenna's is in the living room with her ponies in it!" So happy to hear they are enjoying their Mon-stors and that even her mother in law has a use for a Mon-stor!

Have a Mon-stor or stuffed Monster from Lu & Ed? Send me some fan photos to luandedcreations@yahoo.com, tag me on Instagram or post them on my Facebook wall - I would love to see Mon-stors in their new homes! Happy Friday!


  1. These are great :D I love appreciation photos. Because our handmade goods go from our home to another, it's just nice to see someone love something that we love to make. Great post lady :)

    1. ♥ It is so wonderful to get fan photos and see Mon-stors being loved and appreciated! Makes my day every time! :D



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