Jan 10, 2013

Veggin' Out.

Little known fact about me: For almost ten years, from the time I was about about thirteen, pretty close to fourteen, until I was twenty-three years old, I was a vegetarian.

When assessing my goals for 2013 for Lu & Ed, I realized that in order to up production and focus my creativity, and get the energy to create enough inventory for the shows I plan to attend this year, I was really going to have to start taking better care of myself. No more crazy late nights in the studio and no more drinking an entire pot of coffee every day. (It has helped incredibly that Trace has for whatever reason started brewing the coffee crazy strong. I haven't finished a single up in about four days, so I'm well on the road to that lifestyle change!).

Another thing I am going to change is going back to being a veg-head. When I was a vegetarian I had so much more energy than I do now! I know it's better for my body, and better for the environment, to not eat meat. So I am going to make this small lifestyle change to take better care of myself so I can have more healthy energy to focus on my family and Lu & Ed.

Yes, our Christmas tree is STILL up. I like it. :)
And you know what? It's already been two days since I made the commitment to stop eating meat, and it's been about four days since I drank a whole cup of coffee, and I feel great! I have been chugging water like crazy in anticipation of caffeine withdrawal headaches but so far, no bad effects to cutting out the coffee! My only complaint is the desire for something warm to drink, but I'm not a fan of tea. Any other suggestions?

Any other vegetarians or vegan artists out there?


  1. I felt so much better when I was vegan. I know how you feel. I've been trying to slowly get back into it.

    1. I tried going vegan, it was really difficult for me and I couldn't stick to it. I really admire people who live a vegan lifestyle! I do want to swap out some animal products for vegan ones - for instance, I hope to switch from cow's milk to soy milk, but getting the family on board for that may be a battle. We'll see how it goes! I love soy milk, G is a bit picky though!

  2. I feel the same way! I started eating meat again while pregnant when that's the only thing that sounded good to me, but since baby's here it's back to veg for me. It feels so fresh!

    1. Good for you and congrats on your new baby! :)



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