Jan 25, 2013

Fan Mail Friday 1.25.13

Happy Friday!

It's been a slow week for me in the studio - my son has been sick since Monday. Poor dude! He hasn't minded missing school, though. ;)

I do hope you have had a lovely week so far though! :) I have a few cute Mon-stor action photos to share with you this week!

This quick snap shot is from Jennifer in SC! Her Mon-stor looks surprised - guess he must be camera shy! Jennifer says they use him to hold dirty laundry, and that their Mon-stor never goes hungry. ;)

These two photos are from Kris in MO showing off her two small Mon-stors cruising around in their van - where they eat lots of toys, books, Legos, and even flashlights! Kris has my one and only Mer-Mon-stor, Muriel! She is definitely one of the most favorite Mon-stors I have ever made! (The purple Mon-stor looks a little car sick, doesn't he? Hehehe!)

And while not a Mon-stor action shot, this is a cute bit of fan mail I just had to share with you! My friend Jessica drew it while she was at work. Apparently Mon-stors are as fueled by coffee as the rest of us. ;)

Do you have a Mon-stor or stuffed monster from me? Please send me an action shot - I positively LOVE fan mail!  
luandedcreations@yahoo.com or you can send it through Facebook or Twitter!

Happy Friday! Hope you have a stellar weekend!

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