Jan 22, 2013

Crunchin' numbers!

This morning, I woke up to such a wonderful surprise!

This cute Mon-stor had been adopted last night! And guess what? He was my 350th Mon-stor order on Storenvy.com!

Wow! Just, wow. I am at once humbled and excited - and so, so grateful. For you guys. For all the love, support and sharing you do to help Lu & Ed grow. For all the Mon-stor adoptions in the past two years, ten months, one week and four days since opening Lu & Ed's online shop on Storenvy! (yeah, figuring that out made my brain hurt!)

Lu & Ed wouldn't be what it is without you. (that's a collective you - anyone who reads my blog, likes a status I post on Facebook, retweets my tweets on Twitter, passes out my business cards, talks about my Mon-stors, has adopted or gifted a Mon-stor, or has simply complimented my work in passing - YOU!!!) I am eternally thankful for all the support, love, friendship, kindness, sharing, and help I have received from you all. ♥

I am so fortunate to have found such wonderful people to surround myself with who have helped me grow and expand my creative business everyday! Thanks to Storenvy, I have become a part of a wonderful community built around sharing and supporting one another. I have made genuine friends and learned amazing things! I can't stress enough how thankful I am for all the wonderful people in my life!

Literally, I am at a loss for words. So...

In short....

My heart is positively bursting with gratitude right now. And.... ♥

As a small gift to you, for today use code THANKS to get 10% off in my shop!


  1. I'm soooo excited for you friend!!! You deserve it!

    1. ♥ Thank you so much, Kristina!

  2. This is really awesome! I'm so happy for you!

  3. Great - hope my will sell as well - eventually



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