Jan 9, 2013

Gettin' Crafty for Craft Shows!

I have already applied for three craft shows this year (and still have that lofty dream of getting into Renegade Craft in Chicago) so I have been working on my display pieces since the New Year. Like my Mon-stors, all of my craft show display pieces are eco-friendly - either thrifted or gifted, and given a fresh face with some paint! Some of you may remember my upcycled shutter from last year (It could still use one more coat on it).

I also have this piece - it's like a weird, three tier candle holder thing with a heart shaped base. It was a weird bronze color. I used some black paint and got this cute hanging display for Mon-stors!

My most recent revamp was an old blue shelf left to me by my previous room mate! I didn't get a before pic, but I do have a photo of a stuffed monster sitting on it from before so you can get an idea of the color.

I primed it and painted it (four coats of paint I found in the garage when we bought our condo, which, epically, matches the red in my logo! Score!) and this is what it looks like now!

Pretty sharp, right?! Next up I have a large frame to paint that will hold my banner in it like a remarkable piece of art. :D I am having so much fun gearing up for the craft show season!

Do you enjoy going to craft shows? Ever been to one as a vendor? Have any lined up to attend this year? Talk to me in the comments! 


  1. That's a super awesome display! It would certainly get my attention at a craft fair!!

  2. Love it Cody! I am looking to "ditch" my table and use free standing displays for my kards and kard boxes. But I have to watch because the custom made kard boxes I have are heavy, so I am still looking. I have an idea in my head, but to get it out of there and in wood is a whole different story. Plus it has to fit in my car.

    I love doing shows!! I am signed up for one in the fall already, but I do two Farmer's Markets all summer and into the fall also. Those are weekly. I might add a third, but I am still deciding on that.

    1. Awesome! I would love to get into a weekly market but worry I couldn't maintain the inventory for it!

      Good luck on your quest to improve your displays! Can't wait to see what you come up with!



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