Feb 25, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 8

Happy Monday, friends! What are you getting into this week? Anything fun planned? We are expecting more snow later today and tomorrow, on top of the ten or so inches we got last week! They are calling for two to six more inches in our area. I love snow, and I'm stocked up on queso, so I'm fine with this!

So, this past week has been a bit of a doozy! Tax time is upon us, and I'm guilty of being a slob when it came to paper work last year. Lesson learned - I have been crazy organized since January 1st, every penny in and out recorded in my planner with receipts fastened to pages so I don't lose them. Last year I had a lot going on, with the breast cancer scare, Daft closing, the many failed attempts to move to South Carolina, my aunt getting sick, my grandfather dying - taxes were the last thing on my mind. I've spent two weeks digging through mountains of paper work to figure my totals for 2012. Never. Again. will I be so sloppy when it comes to paperwork! So happy to have those totals figured out, now to file and be done with it until next year!

On top of the unpleasant paper work {which wouldn't have been unpleasant if I had been organized} we had a massive snow fall which was pretty epic - and ultimately distracting! {Have I mentioned I love snow?}

Lots of snow fun was had, and lots of snow tears, too. G was extremely cranky and every flake that hit his face worth tears and grumpiness, but it turns out the poor dude was just getting sick. He came down with a fever Saturday, which lasted through bedtime last night. He has only just crawled out of bed, to lounge on the couch and cough pitifully - but his fever has finally broken, thank goodness!

Jessica {my lovely intern} stopped by Saturday for a few hours and we did a bit of sewing, the most I have had time to do all week!

Newb monsters!

 And that's my week in review! How was yours? Tell me about your week in the comments! Also....

Which is your favorite monster from this week?

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