Feb 27, 2013

Gnarly prize package!

I recently entered a giveaway on the blog After Nine to Five and shockingly, I won! I found out last Friday when I was about to see The Xx perform and it totally blew my mind! I never, ever thought I would win such an amazing prize package!  I am so thankful and appreciative to everyone who donated to Ashley's giveaway!

The epic prizes have been rolling in for days! I have to share some of these goodies with you guys, I have seriously discovered some new favorite shops after winning this giveaway!

First up, these lip balms from The Gnarly Whale are amazing!!! My lips were all chapped from being sick, but after one application of the lips balms my lips were silky smooth! Chocolate banana is my favorite so far, it smells just like a sundae or chocolate dipped banana! Yum!

I have long coveted Sew Beastly's wicked awesome wristlets, purses and bags and when I found out I would finally have a sweet Sew Beastly product all to myself, I was giddy. And I looooove the clutch I won! She packaged it up like a present and it felt like Christmas morning opening it up!

I also won these great thank you cards from Gourmet by Janae. So precious and the green is pretty spot on for my branding. I will definitely be ordering more!

And look at this cuuuuuuuute mug hug by Of Woods and Words! So sweet! I need to dig my travel mug out so I can use these cuties! It's kind of difficult to see in this photo (I slipped it on my son's water bottle) but the mug hug has a heart on it! I won a pink one, too!

And there's a ton of more goodies on the way! Plus? I won a $75 Amazon gift card! What!? How cool is that? I am definitely lovin' Ashley and all of her sweet sponsors right now! ♥ Thanks again for hosting a great giveaway on After Nine to Five and all the sponsors who contributed to it!

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