Mar 25, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 12

Hello, Monday. I didn't expect you to be so cold or snowy, but hey, it's all good. Being cozy in my studio with a mug of hot cocoa does wonders for the creative juices.

Speaking of hot cocoa... Remember when I mentioned a while back about eating better, cutting down on the coffee, and all that jazz? If you don't, you can read my healthy realization here. It's going really well. I've slipped and eaten meat (specifically, chicken) less than a handful of times (I think three total?). I've cut coffee completely out of my life (surprisingly easily, since I was sick at the beginning of this month and couldn't keep anything down for about a week). Never the breakfast person, I've replaced coffee with fruit smoothies every morning. I do yoga daily and still take my doggies on long walks two times a day. Added lots of fresh fruits and veggies and nuts into my diet.

And I feel fabulous. Seriously.  I have more energy now that I have cut coffee out of my life - I jump up ready to tackle the day. I wake up in a great mood. I didn't realize what a crutch coffee was until I removed it from my life and replaced it with nommy fruits that have tons of vitamins and nutrients to kick off my day! I'll rant more about this awesome new lifestyle change soon! :D

This past week was Spring break! :D So I had my main squeeze home with me all week. There was much Minecrafting to be had. But with Zeleny eco arts fair just around the corner (eek, this Saturday!) I had to spend a fair amount of time in the studio. So that means little G-unit go to 'intern' with me last week. :) He got his very own seat and 'coffee' mug (filled with hot cocoa).

Enjoying his "coffee" aka hot cocoa.

Life is hard as an intern.
And I have to say, that boy is a power house. Why, just look at all the work he got done in the studio this week! ;)

I'm thinking about hiring him out, he does such good work. ;)

Which is your favorite Mon-stor from this week?


  1. I love them all! I hope you find good homes for all of them at Zeleny!! <3

  2. Wow sew.girl sew! I lovee yoga I did it all through my second pregnancy too. Although coffee and I will never part ;)

  3. I love the small green one with the hot pink hair. He's awesome. I'm sure you're gonna sell them all!



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