Mar 4, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 9

What a week.

I have spent absolutely no time in my studio this week. My son got sick last weekend, and was sick until Thursday, and I got sick on Wednesday, and have literally been living on my couch with a box of tissues and Gatorade since then. I could go on a rant and list all the miserable symptoms, but let it suffice to say that after 27 healthy years, I think I have finally become a victim of... wait for it....

The flu.

And boy, it is no joke my friends!

And that is why I have no monsters to share with you this week, or any fun stories. Unless you count me waking up delirious with fever spewing gibberish about seeing the characters from Psych playing Quidditch at 3am Thursday. That's a pretty fun story.

Anyway. So here's my weekly update! The 9th week of 2013 shall henceforth be known as That-One-Time-Cody-Caught-The-Flu.

I hope your 9th week of the week was much more pleasant than mine!

1 comment:

  1. The flu = evil word! I hope you're up to making monsters soon. Take care.
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