Mar 6, 2013

Getting ready to get colorful!

I am sure you've seen the teasers on Facebook and Twitter, but here's the official teaser - things are about to get colorful!

Sunday, the 7 Days of a Color giveaway launches! Two colorful prizes, every day, for a week. Each giveaway opens at 12am, and closes 24 hours later.

The giveaway starts Sunday with red products by myself and La Alicia.

The next day, orange products from Melli's Trinkets and Squshies! Then yellow, from Sew Do Something and myself.

Followed by green products from The Mollie Shop and Little Green Guy on Wednesday, with blue on Thursday with products from Melli's Yarn Works and Zeeuh.

Friday we'll be seeing purple with products up for grabs from A Single Dream and Echoland, and Saturday we'll be wrapping it up with a product from Impistry and more goodies from The Mollie Shop!

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks of the products available in the giveaway! 14 prizes total, 7 winners! Check back on the 10th to start entering to win!



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