Mar 1, 2013

Fan Mail Friday 3.1.13

Happy Friday, friends! Hope everyone has had a great week!

I am finally feeling a smidgen better after a nasty week under the weather - I can stand up and walk around without feeling queasy or dizzy, which is a huge improvement over the past two days. Hoping after resting for a bit I will be able to head down to the studio and at least cut out a Mon-stor or two.

For fan mail Friday this week, I'm going to share a collection of photos from Christine of A Single Dream. She adopted Kercy and since he arrived at her home, she's been doing a photo series on Instagram called KercyKam. It. is. so. cute! She sent me these photos this morning to share with you all today!

Kercy arriving at his new home!
Kercy begging IG users to adopt her frenz! Haha!
Kercy checking out the new Mon-stors in the shop
Kercy guarding Christine's work area

Playing with the pretties!

Hehe, how fun are those?! If you are on IG be sure to follow Christine to keep up with Kercy's latest antics!

Do you have photos of your monsters or Mon-stors in action!? I would love to see you or your kids enjoying your monsters! Feel free to send pictures to to be featured on Fan Mail Friday!

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