Apr 29, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 17

This is the sum of my week's work.

Well, not entirely - but it is the only Mon-stor I have completed this week. After a sew-a-thon the two weeks leading up to Alpacas for Autism's benefit show last Saturday, with many 12 hour sewing days, I just needed some time to rest and get the house in order after much neglect during my craft show prep. So, while I cut out and sewed three Mon-stors this week, that guy up there is the only one who got completely finished. Mainly because I ran out of stuffing, and that seemed like a good reason to take it easy for a few days. ;)

The only other noteworthy things to happen this week: One was Sunday hiking - we saw three snakes, one a four foot (!!!!!) black snake sunning on the trail and two small  stripey snakes, and one decided to make the walk exciting by gliding over the top of my shoe, to which I started shrieking because I thought I stepped on the snake and hurt it (I harbor no fear of snakes, just hurting animals, haha) and then the second small snake resulted in more shrieks because our chubby beagle stepped on it and just stood there drooling and could not be bothered to be moved off of it. >.< I'm happy to report after much tugging, she finally moved and the snake got away unharmed. We also all got incredibly sunburned. Ouch.

Then Sunday night, after an hour of hysterics and tears, this boy lost his sixth tooth! (Does tooth pullin' ever get easier???)

And that is the sum of my week. I hope you all had lovely weeks as well! There will be many more Mon-stors in next week's post, I promise! ♥

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