May 3, 2013

Fan Mail Friday 5.3.13

Happy Friday friends! I hope you have had a smashingly good week!

I got some cuteness to show off! Susan from CA sent me these snapshots of her kids receiving their stuff monsters! They all look SO happy with their new monster friends! Makes my heart so warm!

Anji from CO won Melli's Trinkets 2 year anniversary giveaway I participated in and her son picked out a monster from my shop.. He chose Obby! Woop! Here Obby is in his new home! :) 

So much cuteness this week!! :D 

Here's to a radical weekend! Cheers!


  1. Thanks again Cody! We love him and are glad we got to adopt Obby!

    1. Thank YOU for giving him a great home where he is obviously well loved! :)



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