Apr 8, 2013

Storenvy's Marketplace ROCKS!

Storenvy has a rockin' marketplace full of amazing creative businesses. I love, love, love shopping on Storenvy.com because their marketplace just has such an incredible selection. I do almost all of my birthday, Christmas, and personal shopping on there!

One of my favorite things about it is that products are ranked in real time popularity so as a seller, your item always has the potential to be at the top of a search, unlike other sites, and as a buyer, you don't always see the same stuff by the same shops when you search for products because the results are always changing!*read more about real time popularity at the bottom of the post!

There are several ways to search the Storenvy marketplace, and they all yield amazing results. One, you can just browse your homepage - it is loaded with products from shops you watch and people you follow and has continuous scroll, so the awesomeness just keeps coming, and coming, and coming! (I seriously probably spend one hour or more a day just scrolling.. and scrolling.. and scrolling! So much awesomeness all the time!)

Or you can browse using the category bar at the top! Each category has a drop down menu with subcategories to help you find just what you are looking for!

As you can see here, when you choose a category you can further narrow down results with subcategories and the price slider in the lower left hand corner!

You can also use the search bar at the top to specifically search for items. Like Mon-stors! And no, Storenvy, I did not mean Mon-stirs.

You can also browse the best selling shops in particular markets by scrolling to the very bottom of Storenvy.com and clicking "Best Selling Stores"!

(See the little dice in the right hand corner? Click them to load a random Storenvy product! Fun for hours!)

When you are browsing through Best Selling Stores, you can narrow results by choosing a particular category. Handcrafted, Eco-Friendly and Designer and Vinyl Toys is where you can find Lu & Ed!

And that is why I love the Storenvy marketplace! So many products, so many easy ways to search, browse, find (and buy) awesome indie and handmade products!

What is your favorite way to browse Storenvy.com?

*(How does real time popularity work? It is based on three factors - newness, Envies, and how many have sold. As products get older, their popularity will wane a bit, but lots of sales and Envies can keep it afloat. How Envies help products rise in popularity: Whenever someone Envies or buys a product from a Storenvy shop, that product now appears on their profile under "Envies" and in turn, anyone who follows that person will see that product on their home page, which can lead to a product going viral and becoming popular!

Example: Mary likes a pair of earrings, so she Envies the product so she can easily find them to purchase at a later date. Mary's friend Tonya logs into Storenvy and sees the earrings on her home page, and thinks they are neat, so she Envies them. Tonya's friend Bathsheba likes the earrings, so she buys them, and all of her friends see her recent purchase - and so on, and so on, and with each recent Envy, fresh products rise in popularity and appear higher in the marketplace and in search results! And Storenvy recognizes users for their great discoveries on Storenvy, too - if you have a radical line up of products you have Envy'd on your profile, you just may end up being a suggested user, you trend setter, you!)

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  1. My fav way to cruise is by selecting my category, then sorting by newest :) I like seeing the latest items added to Storenvy



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