Apr 8, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 14

Whew, happy Monday, friends! I've been super busy this past week, preparing for my Envyversary Celebration!

I know you've probably already seen it, but I have a giveaway going on right now with prizes from eighteen incredible sponsors that have Storenvy.com shops + myself! It's a pretty epic line up - you can see all of the prizes here! - with over 3,500 entries already! That's pretty exciting! I am so honored to have such amazing sponsors in this giveaway!

I am using my Envyversary as a way to celebrate Storenvy and get the word out about what an epic shopping and selling platform it is! Every day this week my blog will have a post raving about Storenvy and why I ♥ it so much! :) I hope you are all enjoying learning more about the site I have chosen to be Lu & Ed's home!

When I wasn't typing frantically into my laptop, I was able to squeeze in some sewing!

I also sent another load of Mon-stors to Little Green Guy's shop in Wyandotte, MI! They should be there any day down - pop by and check out Brittany's monstrously cute shop

This week I will be working frantically in the studio to prepare for my second show of the season! Alpacas for Autism and Autism Speaks have come together and are putting on Pieces of Light Autism Festival at the Great Mall of Olathe April 20th! There will be music, food, entertainment, activities, arts and crafts vendors, a treasure hunt, and even live Alpacas to meet! :) If you are local to the area, come check the event out! I've been doing shows with Alpacas for Autism for three years now and they are always so much fun! Spread the word, send out some invites to the event on Facebook! I would love to see your smiling faces at this fun event!

And that's a wrap for me - I need to get back to sewing Mon-stors for this show! Eek!

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