Apr 11, 2013

Using Storenvy makes your stuff look good.

Storenvy is different than other platforms in that you can totally customize every aspect of your shop - for free.

You can keep it simple and just upload a header image and add a background image. You can adjust the font colors and styles to match your branding. You can adjust the color of the background behind your images, the border around your store, and more! Here are some examples:

The only thing custom in my shop is my header and font colors!

Shop with header and border adjusted - Verte Photography

Shop with header and background - The Mollie Shop
Amazing how just changing the header and background in your shop can make such a huge difference and help you and your products stand out, huh? (If you need a custom shop header made, Megean of The Individuality designs all of my Lu & Ed branding materials and she does shop header design for just $10!)

And - you can make even more advanced changes to your Storenvy shop! If you have a knowledge of CSS & HTML you can easily change the entire design of your shop as much or little as you want. You can add music, slide shows, interactive menus and more! Check out these examples below:

Custom design - The Individuality

Custom design - Raining Sugar

Custom design - Sew Beastly

And if you aren't HTML savvy, you could always buy a Storenvy theme and add your branding in to customize it! Here is two shops with the same theme that still look remarkable different: 

Shop with Storenvy Theme - Pin Pin Finds

Shop with Storenvy Theme - A Single Dream

There are several sites that sell them, but the one several friends of mine have used is Storenvy Themes by Bill Bailey. He does amazing work and is incredibly affordable!

There is no other site out there that is so incredibly customizable or this easy to customize, for free. You can really utilize the customization to make your shop and products stand out and build brand recognition!

So, let me say if you are looking to take your business to the next level by building a signature brand with a shop that is tailored to represent your products (did I mention for free?) Storenvy is the site to do it at! Coupled with the ability to domain host (so you can drive traffic to yourshop.com!) Storenvy really allows you to focus on YOU and creating a place to showcase your products with the amazing  online shopping atmosphere they are meant to be displayed in!

Sellers: How important is standing out from the rest of the people in your market to you?


  1. I love that storenvy allows you to customize and with a little basic HTML knowledge it really makes it easy! :)

  2. Agreed, Storenvy helps you keep a hard earned identity for your store, instead of just blending in. I don't know of any other ecommerce platform that offers near the amount of customization that Storenvy does. :D Lots of great shops featured up there too!

  3. The shops you featured are so nicely designed!

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