Jun 6, 2013

Go outside with us!

It's a gorgeous morning here! I start every day with a long walk, and now that school is out, that means G gets to come on these walks with me, and today you get to see the highlights this morning's walk thanks to the Vine app!!

As we crossed the bridge on the walking trail in our neighborhood, we spied a baby snapping turtle! How cute is this little dude?!

And here he is on the go!

Gauge was a little startled when the baby turtle walked off the side of the bridge and landed in the water, but I told him that was what his tail is for, it helps him swim. Such a fun discovery!

Do you take your kids on nature walks? If so, do they enjoy them? :)

My son initially met our morning nature walks with much resistance but now he gets really excited about them every morning! I'm glad! It's some fun time to unplug and bond together! :)

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