Jun 5, 2013

Sewing with demons.

Last night, I was sewing away, and my friend texted and asked how The Xx concert was. I said I didn't get to go, my son was sick (truthfully, I had cancelled before that dreadful nastiness hit. Ever have those nights where you just don't feel like going out?! That was me last night, and I am so glad we stayed in since G was sick). And they said, oh, what are you up to?

I tried to reply back and say "Making a new Monster Tote! Sewing with denim tonight."

But my phone thought what I meant to say was that I was "sewing with demons".

Um, nope. So I backspaced and typed "sewing with denim" again.

This time my phone decided I must mean demin, which isn't even a word. Huh.

Third try, and I was finally able to type denim without an absurd suggestion from autocorrect.

Gotta love auto correct, huh? What are some funny autocorrects your phone has suggested for you? 

denim monster tote available here!


  1. "Sewing with Demons" would be a great instructional crafting show... ;D

    1. Hahahaha! Or one of those motivational shows about how crafting helped people get through hard times! :)



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