Jun 29, 2013

Red, white and cute!

At this moment I am settling into my adorable new house - can't wait to do a video tour for you guys once I get these boxes unpacked and we get settled!

I'm stoked to bring you another addition of #ShopStorenvy, my Saturday series, full of red, white and cute products in anticipation of the impending Independence day celebrations next week! (if you pop over to Daft Crafts, you can see even more patriotic handmade products from Storenvy!)

Red Crying Kitty Brooch by Mel Stringer
Red Chevron/Nautical Bandana Bib by Baby 4 Sail
Red floral dress from Joy Prettye
Home Sweet Home cushion by Red Olive Studios
White felted slippers by Hand Felted Shoes

Upcycled Sale Beach Bag by Marinus Home
Blue Owl Bow by Blue Kitty Boutique
Blue Wallet from Zeeuh
Blue Feather Tee from DSF Clothing Company
Which is your favorite of these colors - red, white, or blue?

How are you celebrating Independence Day this year?


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  1. In the Zeeuh household we LOVE red & blue! Hehe it's the color scheme of the company. And it's in our living room & studio ;)
    We don't have much plans for the 4th. Just taking it easy and enjoying each other's company :)
    Thanks for the link up! & the feature!

  2. I love red the best, but blue is a favorite too. We plan on having a pretty low-key 4th. Hope you have a Happy 4th too!



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