Jul 3, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Weeks 25 & 26 - Catching up!

I have missed the past week week by week posts so I can going to play catch up real quick!

Week 25: I spent pretty much this whole week busy busy busy packing and preparing for our move. Not a whole lot to share about that week, no monsters were made - I packed up my studio this week and went into crafting withdrawals but quickly forgot about those when Cari came to town! :D 

Sunday, 6.23.13: Cari from The Mollie Shop came to KC to visit! She stayed through Tuesday and we had a BLAST! Seriously, it was so awesome to finally meet Cari IRL! EEK! Sunday we went to the water park, then to dinner at Sabor Latino (Fanny's! YAY! Remember me raving about that place when Daft was open? ^_^ ) and then we had a craft party and Cari taught me how to make bows. Can you guess which ones I made and which ones she made?

Week 26: That Monday Cari and I took our families to Legoland and Sealife KC! :D SO MUCH FUN! My son G and her daughter Mollie at Crown Center with the Lego peoples. :)

Tuesday morning we went bowling and to Kaleidoscope at the Crown Center before they had to hit the road and head home. :) It was so much fun!! One thing I am sad about is we didn't get very many photos while Cari was in town - but we did get this great one together at the bowling alley!

All in all visiting with Cari was AWESOME! After being crafty 'net best friends for over two years, it was great to meet her in person, laugh together, hug and chat and craft! Now I just have to convince her to move to KC. ;) I'm so pumped though - Cari is coming back for Strawberry Swing IFC July 28th and sharing a booth with me! EEP! It's going to be awesome! :D I can't wait to hang with my bestie again!

Wednesday we had the final walk through of our house! Seeing it empty really made the fact that we were BUYING it, that it was OURS, so much more real! EEK! After that it was hard to tone down the excitement and get any packing done, haha!

:) I love this picture from the walk through!

Thursday we were supposed to close on our house but it got bumped back a day, so we spent that day finishing up packing and cleaning, then boom, it was Friday! We got up super early, picked up a moving truck, and started loading it up before closing. At 10, T headed out to closing, and came back two hours later with the key to our future! :D Here are the pictures I took before we started to unload the truck.

"master" bedroom!
Sitting room!

Dining room facing the front door

Bathroom complete with POCKET DOOR! EEK! (my favorite thing in the house!)

G's bedroom!

Peek into my studio!

Dining room, view from front door!
Living room! :)
I will post pictures of our yard once we finish weeding the raise beds and stuff. :) We LOVE our new house so much, it feels more like home than anywhere I have ever lived! This house has such a greta energy and flows so well. It's perfect for our lives! :)

When we were moving, our cat Sephie went missing! We were sick with worry and after three days of searching for him, we turned up - in the garage at our new house! He had crawled into the recliner, and gotten stuck, and some how for three days had not made a peep! I thought I was going crazy when I heard his meows in the garage, but then he was there, safe and sound (albeit hungry and thirsty) yesterday!  :) I was so happy I ugly-cried for a while, haha! :) So glad he didn't run away while we were carrying furniture out like we had originally thought. :)

Oh! Another animal has arrived in our lives for a bit - while we were out shopping for a refrigerator this Sunday, we saw a dog on the side of a busy highway so we pulled up and she hopped right in. She had a belt duck taped around her neck as a collar and looked like she had been without a good meal for over a week or two. :( We took her to the vet and had her checked for a chip, but she didn't have one, so we are keeping her in the garage/yard/house for now until I can find her another home. One of my friends wants to adopt her after I get her vetted, and if that falls through I will put her in a rescue and foster her until adoption. She is SO sweet, such a happy dog! Very active, as she's still pretty young, about 8-9 months old.

Whew. If you made it all the way down to here, you are a real trooper! We get internet Friday and I will be able to check in regularly after that! :) Happy Humpday!


  1. congrats I love the house, especially the kitchen tile, wood floors and fireplace!

  2. Don't know where you lived before, but this place looks like it has plenty of space!

  3. Congrats on the house! It looks adorable!

  4. I am positively pea green with envy! You have a fireplace AND a pocket door!? I've never had both of those in the same place at the same time! And I miss having a fireplace. I told my husband that is one of the things that is an absolute MUST should we ever manage to buy a house, it must have a fireplace! I'd even almost be willing to give up having a two-story home (I love the idea of having banisters to decorate for Christmas! I know, I'm a dork, lol) so long as we had a fireplace. :)



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