Jul 6, 2013

So cute my teeth hurt!

I was without internet for a week, and when I got it yesterday and was browsing Storenvy.com, I was bombarded with a cuteness overload I have to share with you guys!

Don't forget to check out the fab products linked up from Storenvy shops at the bottom of this post - I love my Storenvy link up because I always discover new shops full things I waaaaant! :)

Patriotic Sproutling from Impistry

One in a Minion tank by Look Human

Little Goldfish by Mohu

Roaring 20's Headband by Penelope's Eclectic Closet

Bearded Oklahome Stickers by Turbeau

DIY Octopus Mammy Plush by Elena's House

Pink Heart tee by Comostreet
Like what you see? Check out more great products on Storenvy below - leave a comment with which is your favorite from the link up!

Have a Storenvy shop? 

You can link up to two individual products from your shop below for some networking/sharing fun!

In the description box, write a brief description of your product!

Next step: Select two products from the collection to share via social media. This way, everyone gets some free promo to a wide new audience for free - and it's a great way to network with fellow shop owners! If you tweet them, use the tag #ShopStorenvy so I can retweet the links so everyone gets max exposure! :D


  1. What a nice post! You did find some awesome, colorful items on storenvy!

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    Cheap Fashion is Chic

  2. I left two and shared two! Thank you for doing this.

  3. Eek! Those are super cute finds! The goldfish & octopus are so sweet

  4. What an awesome way to promote! And such cute picks !! Loved it.



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