Jul 8, 2013

Week by Week - week 27

Wow, how is it Monday again already!? This week flew by!

How was YOUR weekend? Hopefully it was amazing. Our week has been very busy. I have a ton of monsters in the works, but none completely. We have had a lot of running to do this past week, having just moved in. I don't think I've spent a total of 12 hours straight in our new home yet!

This week in a nutshell:

Cut out and sewed eleven stuffed monsters - they just need to be stuffed and sewn shut!

Cut out four Monster Totes!

Found our cat Sephie!

Found a home for the stray pooch we picked up last weekend, yay!

Had lots of people over, had lots of cookouts, had lots of fires in our fire pit! (LOVE spending time in our backyard! Now if we could just do something about the mosquitoes out there.. Any tips?)

Did lots of unpacking, and organizing.

Built a compost bin from an old, breaking desk!

Finally got a refrigerator - but oops! We measured wrong! So had to set up an exchange to get one in the right size. ;)

And the most exciting thing - Swag Bags went LIVE!

Yup, now with the next ten nine orders from luanded.com you will receive a swag bag full of handmade samples, coupons, and goodies from over ten businesses including Sew Beastly, Violet's Buds, Gipsonwands, La Alicia, J by G and many more! I have on set up the application for the next round of swag bags - if you have a handmade shop that is vibrant and colorful, eco-aware, or monstrous, apply here! :) I only accept shops I know for a fact will mesh well with my brand so I can promote brands I love by putting products my totally awesome fans will love right in their hands! That way everyone wins - my radical monster adopters get to try out new products and enjoy coupons for brands similar to mine, and 10 businesses every round get some direct marketing as well as shout outs on my blog, Twitter and Facebook for minimal cost! :) It is going to be so fun to see how people react to all their goodies!

And now kiddos, I have to scuttle and hit the sewing machine! I only have 20 days until Strawberry Swing - will you be there? 

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures in this week's post, it has been a crazy week!

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