Jul 15, 2013

Week by Week - Week 28

It's Moooonday again! That means it's time for another weekly recap!

Lots of sewing went down this past week. I have all those eleven plush I mentioned last week finished, sewn shut and ready for adoption, but with Strawberry Swing IFC less than two weeks away, I can't take the time away from my sewing machine to photograph and list new inventory - not to mention this is the biggest craft show I do annually, so I need as much on hand as possible, so I am not sure I will be listing anything in the shop before July 29th. If I meet my production goals I will potentially list excess Mon-stors. But otherwise... Anything that doesn't sell at Strawberry Swing will be listed the next day! :) Here are the Mon-stors and plush I have gotten photos of! Pay special attention to the ones spotty ones - they will be reappearing on my blog this Thursday as part of a new series! (And sorry for the blurry picture of the Mon-stor, it was for a friend and went out before I could get a better photo of it!

In addition to these guys and the un-photographed plush, I have five more totes finished, three big Mon-stors ready for faces, and some small Mon-stors cut out to sew! Busy busy busy! I am shooting for ten more big Mon-stors, and sixteen more small Mon-stors, before July 28th (Strawberry Swing!). That's a total of twenty in each size, plus about forty plush and twenty totes!

And did you hear the news? I'll be sharing a booth with The Mollie Shop at Strawberry Swing, eep! Please come by and see us if you are in the Kansas City area, July 28th, 10am-6pm. We'd love to snap some photos with our KC pals!

We are settling in nicely to our new home. Still need to get a couch for our sitting room, which at this time is housing boxes of misc stuff in the corner that needs to find a home... eventually. We have been spending all of our free time lounging on our new covered back patio, enjoying the fire pit late into the night. And I am so in love with our kitchen - while we still don't have a ton of counter space, the space available is so much more functional and we find ourselves cooking meals together so much more often. I love it! :) Barely used it this weekend, as we had friends in from Tulsa, OK and spent the weekend out in KC with them. I love this urban art we saw while we were down town.

And that found pup from two weeks ago?

She's coming back to live with us tonight. Her adoptive family wasn't ready for a puppy - and that's fine. Puppies are a LOT of work! So she's coming back to stay with us for a while, get trained and hopefully into a rescue within a few weeks. We'll be taking care of her vetting (vaccines, altering, heartworm check, etc) so she will be all ready for her new fur-ever family. ♥  Her name her adoptive family gave her was Glitch, but we are open to name suggestions since she may be with us for a while. :)

And that's my week and current happenings in a nutshell!  I would have had this post up sooner, but walked 3.2 miles to a splash park with G. It was fun in the sun, alright. Too much sun.

Ouch. Note to self, next time actually take the sunblock WITH you to the splash park. One application is clearly not enough.

Hope everyone's week is off to a fabulous start!

Please leave a comment with any name suggestions for the rambunctious puppy rejoining our family tonight!


  1. I like the name Caelyn (meaning slender). My little one says her name should be "baby sampson" after one of our dogs :-)

  2. If you have some apple cider vinegar, it is great for taking the burn out of the sunburn. Just mix it half & half with water and soak a washcloth with it and go over all the areas where you are burned. Or you could just pour a half gallon in your bath water and soak for a while.

    1. No apple cider vinegar, but I did put straight white vinegar on it. It helped a lot! I'm half Cherokee, so the sunburn has almost completely turned to a tan now. :)



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