Jul 16, 2013

Which way is the 'right' way?

How do you pin your fabrics - with pins running along the edge of the fabric, or pointing towards the edge of the fabric?

I pin fabrics together like demonstrated on the right, but have been told this is the 'wrong' way to do it - so I was curious, how do YOU do it? ;)


  1. I pin it however I feel like pinning it and whatever works best for what I'm pinning. If I have quite a bit of fabric and can pin it with the point toward the edge I do, but I've been known to make them follow the edge, be diagonal, even not to pin at all. Really whatever suits the job best is what I do. :)

  2. I pin the way I am moving...if it a stretchy fabric I pin pointing in toward the middle of the fabric. But in general I pin however my brain does it on auto pilot.

  3. I'm not at all handy with fabrics. In fact, the most I used my mom's sewing machine was to pretend I was a futuristic race car driver!

    But my mama was an amazing dress maker, and she always said to pin horizontally. Though it might have had something to do with a squirmy 4 year old being fitted more than anything, now that I think about it...

  4. I usually pin with them running along the edge, but I also have no formal sewing training! My grandmother taught me how to use the basics on a machine, and everything else I just make up as I go! But so far it's worked for whatever I've needed.

  5. I do both. I think it depends on the thickness on the project I am working on. I do what feels right to me. But most of the time it is the way on the right. LOL!



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