Aug 13, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 32

This post is a day late. Monday just was not my day. And you know me! I'm painfully optimistic. Rarely do I let a bad day get me down. But after, let's see....

Every tweet I had scheduled for Friday went live, leading me to tell people "happy Friday!" - on a Monday - like a twit - before I realized that it was, in fact, Monday... well, meh, no biggie. I got a good laugh out of it.

Then I walked the poochies around the yard, and came inside with approximately 1239817826476173618276549284928312 bug bites. Alright, not that many. Between the ones I got Monday morning, and the ones from the evening before, the total was almost forty mosquito bites. It was disgustingly, itchingly, miserable.

Then said puppies ran inside when I opened the door - before I could grab a towel to wipe their muddy paws. I couldn't be mad, of course. They wiped their paws off on the cream sofa so it didn't end up on the hard woods. So considerate of them!

THEN I decided I would just push the cruddy start to the morning out of my mind and FINALLY finish the Mon-stors I started last week. I reached into the fabric basket beneath my table to pick up a handle for a small Mon-stor I dropped, and my hand came back wet - with cat urine. Apparently I have angered the vengeful cat Lu (no relation to my business, she's a vile, grumpy ole thing) somehow and she paid me back by almost ruining my entire fabric stash in the most disgusting way she could think of. I spent the rest of the day washing four baskets of fabric in vinegar and baking soda - which miraculously eliminated the odor and any stains - I know because I sniffed and inspected every.single.inch of every.single.article of fabric from my stash of almost two hundred yards of fabric.

But you know what? Despite Monday being the longest Monday on the history of the planet, it's important to just remember:

Everything will be alright print by After Hours Agenda
So I threw all bad thoughts to the wind yesterday, organized my newly laundered fabric stash, and got the boy ready for second grade orientation. We all collectively love his new school, his new teacher, his new principal, and his new playground. It was a fantastic wrap up to  pretty rotten day. Can't wait to see what he thinks of his new school after his first day tomorrow. :)

Other than back to school shopping, a small birthday celebration for a friend, and some thrifting to make yard art, I didn't do much - besides soak up the last week of summer break with my little dude. Tomorrow is his first day back and my first full day back in the studio. Expect to see new monsters hitting the shop by next weekend! :)

Beginning of my yard art project! Glass Mushrooms from upcycled dishes and vases!

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