Aug 10, 2013

Too soon for school!

I can't believe it's almost time for school to start back up. Blows. My. Mind. This summer just zipped by.

I decided to pull together a collection of products from that jive with this whole back to school atmosphere. Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite. And don't forget to check the shops that share their products at the bottom, you may just find something you love!
Apple Cozy by Sam's Crochet Handmade Health
It's PE not the Olympics tee by Activate Apparel
Blue Backpack with Lace from Characo

Navy Hair Flower to match school uniforms by Violet's Buds
School pencil pouch by Amy's Monkeys

The Lunch Box Idea Box by Idea Box
Thanks for helping me grow stamped spoon by JessicaNdesigns

I hope you enjoy this week's collection! Here's to a great start to a new school year!

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  1. Wow! What a great collection of things! I really LOVE the backpack and the hair flower! So chic!

  2. Great collection, thanks so much for including Violet's Buds New Navy clip! I love the apple cozies, they would make a fun teacher's gift.

  3. Tweeted the sandwich boxes and the yellow toy storage monster!

  4. So many lovely items, I cannot believe summer is flying by so fast and it's time for school again already! Shared the post on FB ^_^

  5. Love the apple cozies! They are so sweet! Sharing the cute pencil pouch and the owl mobile phone charm!



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