Aug 19, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 33

Happy Monday, lovelies! This has been a fun, creatively charged week.

I took a single custom order this year, and it was last week - someone (named Cody!) saw me at Strawberry Swing IFC and asked me if I could make twin girl Mon-stors for him for a birthday party - the next day! I *almost* turned him down but the sheer fact that instead of going to wally-world for a last minute gift, he sought out a unique, handmade personalized gift made my heart so happy I felt like it may blow up. Such a thoughtful gesture. So I had the supplies on hand, I set to work and 8 hours later, these pretties were being bagged up for delivery.

Between these twinsies and the  contest on my fan page this week - I had kids submit their drawings for a week for a chance to win a custom monster made from their drawing - I have been swamped with custom requests so I want to remind every one that as I only use upcycled fabrics, it is extremely difficult to fill fabric requests and as is such, I do not take custom orders. This is something I do hope to figure out a way to stream line, but just haven't been able to work out a process that really works for custom orders with my fabric sourcing yet. I wish I could fill every custom request I get, but at this time it's just not possible. Sorry, guys!

On a happier note! About the contest!  I was blown away by the drawings submitted - it's amazing to see raw imagination! Children are the purest form of art. I had so much fun with this contest I decided to make it a monthly event!! Check my Facebook page for details September first! All of these kids deserve some love, so let's take a second to review the entries!

Alex, Age 4

Benny, Age 4
Penny, Age 3

Jenna, Age 9

Alexys, Age 6

Leland, Age 5
Levi, Age 5

Kelsey, Age 5
Jesse, Age 9
Trinity, Age 9
Landon, Age 7
Garret, Age 3
Gwenevere, Age 5
Olive, age 5
Bryce, Age 7
Bryson, Age 3
Tyler, Age 9 & Katie Age 6
Jamie, Age 8
Robert, Age 10
Cris, Age 4
Dylan, Age 4
For three days, voting was open. People liked their favorite photo and the one with the most votes won. This was the lucky winner with 76 votes! Levi, age 5.

This contest was SO much fun, I can't wait to see next month's entries! :)

I also made a Mon-stor, gadget Mon-stor, and plush this week. I didn't get pictures of the plush but here is the other two! :)

Still debating on adding gadget Mon-stors back to the shop. I think I may work on that after I stock up on Mon-stors and totes.

This week also started second grade for my son! :) Here's a picture from his first day. He loves it so far, and has made several friends. :D Look at that grin!

Gosh, I love this kid so much. :) I'm so happy that Lu & Ed enables me to be a stay at home mom to him! ♥ Thanks, guys, for all of your support. It means more to me than you will ever know!

This week will be a busy one in the studio! Got a swap item to make (swapping with the lovely Magda from Twisted Thread and Hook for an awesome bathmat!) then gotta get started on that winning monster, and one for my son. He wanted to participate in the contest and I told him he couldn't win, but I would make the monster for him anyway. :) Here's his drawing:

Time to go get creative! Cheers! Hope your Monday is fabulous!



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