Aug 18, 2013

Upcycled pretties

I was browsing stuff linked up in last week's Storenvy share post, and I wanted to share some of my favorite upcycled creations from it with you! Don't forget to check out the variety of indie products linked up at the bottom of the post!

These handmade earrings by Mystigail Adornments are handmade with upcycled beads. You know how I love upcycled stuff. ;) These are beautifully done, and could even be worn to a wedding or a formal event with a coral or ivory dress. So dreamy!

Available here
Another upcycled find - Rewallet, based out of Portugal, makes the cutest handmade wallets from paper, cardboard and tape! Pretty radical, and pretty ecofriendly.

Available here

Violet's Buds makes adorable hair accessories for kids and adults from upcycled fabrics. I love the colors in this one she shared on my last Storenvy share post! 

Available here
Do you know of a shop that sells upcycled creations (Storenvy, Etsy, Artfire, I don't care where they sell from, just that they are devoted to creating environmentally friendly products!) share their shop link in the comments!

Have a Storenvy shop? 

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  1. Shared "Get away and Rest" Cool Cat postcard, and Well behaved women pendant! Thank you!



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