Aug 3, 2013

a few of my favorites.

I had been so busy preparing for Strawberry Swing IFC and getting settled in my new home I hadn't had time for Storenvy Saturday posts (or laundry) but guess what? Storenvy Saturday product features are back! I love sharing great products from Storenvy with you and discovering new shops via the link up at the bottom of the post - I hope you enjoy it as well!

Here are some of my favorite products  this week . Leave a comment and tell me which is your favorite, and then browse the great products linked up below my collection by fellow Storenvy shop owners!

NEW Shop Indie print from Krmbal

Walnut Crochet Hook by Gipson Wands
Multi color sweater from Happy Family
3D nail LOVE art by Chramberries
State outline connected by love hoop art by HOOPLA
Olive green rope rug by My Twisted Thread and Hook
Tiny polaroid pendant/necklace by NerdJerk
Little But Fierce Onesie by Look Human
Have a Storenvy shop? 

You can link up to two individual products from your shop below for some networking/sharing fun!

In the description box, write a brief description of your product!

Next step: Select two products from the collection to share via social media. Do not share to Pinterest without the express permission from the shop owner. This way, everyone gets some free promo to a wide new audience for free - and it's a great way to network with fellow shop owners! :D

How to link up:

Click "add your link"

Box 1: add the URL to your individual product
Box 2: add the product description
Box 3: put in your email address

Submit then select a thumbnail photo! Easy!


  1. Thank you so much! I will be sharing the dog sweater & the pink lemonade necklace. Since it is early, I will be back to look again!

  2. I love your picks! My favorite is the tiny polaroid camera pendant- so cool!

  3. Lovely! My favorite is the state outline connected love hoop art by HOOPLA!! :)

  4. I LOVE all your choices! The wooden hook and the cute sweater are my favorites. Thank you you so much for awesome Saturday link up & share!

  5. Thanks so much, this is great!! <3

  6. It's hard to pick a favorite! You have amazing taste!!



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