Jul 31, 2013

Using Storenvy now makes your stuff look even better!

Remember my post from my Storenvy is Awesome series about how Storenvy makes your stuff look good? Well, they just rolled out a new default theme called Cooper. Anyone who opens a store on Storenvy.com after July 22nd will automatically have the new theme. If you have an existing store on Storenvy.com, you can do to admin > design to upgrade to the new theme!

Be sure to download a copy of your current theme's HTML so if you for whatever reason do not like the new Cooper theme, you can reinstall your old theme, though all previous customizations (colors, fonts, logo and background and all widgets) will be gone.

Here is a picture of what my store looked like before I upgraded:

And here is a picture of it currently! :)

Perks of the new Cooper theme:

You can set up collection view so that when people visit your store, they can see thumbnails of your categories, like this:

The aspect ratio for these images is 315x210. You can use product photos or create cover images. You find this under Admin > Products > Manage Collections.

Also under Admin > Products > Manage Collections, you can chose a collection and type in a description for it, so when people view that collection, they see what you have to say about it! Example:

Mobile friendly! 
The new Cooper theme looks stunning on mobile, where the theme before was not mobile friendly. At all.

Easy to customize!
 This theme is much easier to customize than the previous one. You can easily change your font, colors, collection display order and more from the Store Editor Toolbar that appears across the top of your store. You can turn this on (or off!) by going to Admin > Design and to the left you will see an on/off box for it. When turned on, this is what you will see in your store:

When viewing the COLORS tab
When viewing the LAYOUT tab
You upload your banner and background under Admin > Design > Banner & Background Image.

Over all, I really love this new theme. It's so much modern and each store with it installed still looks crazy unique. A few examples:

Sew Beastly
Landon's Toy Box
Storenvy's new Cooper theme makes it so easy to tweak your shop exactly how you like it! :) I love how much easier it is to navigate now!

Oh! And your shop bio & media links appear here, at the bottom of your store. Super professional and sleek, I think! :)

So what do you think? Will you be taking the new Cooper theme for a test drive? If you aren't yet a Storenvy seller, are you intrigued by the crazy awesomeness amount of personalization you can do to your store to really build your brand - for FREE? If you have any questions about the new theme, feel free to leave a comment! :)

For those of you upgrading to the Cooper theme, here is an article from the Storenvy team about customizing it! 


  1. I love the new Cooper theme!!! I am still working on tweaking it as time permits, but I love how much more professional it looks! Thanks for showing me the collection description. I'll have to work on that!

  2. I'm loving Cooper, too. I liked my shop ( http://mysticeyecreations.storenvy.com ) before, but it's much more modern looking now, and the mobile compatibility is a MUST! It's sleek, easily read and navigated, and all of the original features got a boost. Love it!

  3. I love Cooper too! I like all of the customization and find that it looks so professional to have the collection photos. I am very pleased with it!

  4. I've been very happy with Cooper and need to spend some more time customizing it!

  5. I love LOVE love the Cooper theme! My shop( http://kiserkrafts.storenvy.com/ )look so much cleaner, clearer, and crisp! It is really easy to customize and add your own touch to your store front. Changing/switching over was one of the best choices I made as an online Storenvy shop owner!! Thanks for the amazing write up about it Cody. :)

  6. I like the cooper theme, of course I tweaked it to where my info & what not in where the original had it and what not.. but I like having my all my collections show without all the product.

  7. Could you help me with changing the image on the tab to my store on my facebook page? Mine has the boring heart on it and I am trying to change it. Thanks

  8. The only thing I wish I could do is move the sidebar to the top of the navigation instead



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