Aug 6, 2013

Dr Mom to the rescue

Last night, this sweet little foster puppy of ours...

did the unthinkable. Or maybe it's only unthinkable if you have a small child. But either way, she did something that brought instant tears and sadness to our home.

She attacked my son's favorite elephant. The one I gave him for his 7th birthday, that he said made him brave and strong. The one he can't sleep without.

Doesn't look so bad, huh?

Elefanty would kindly disagree.

After I calmed down my son & evaluated the damges injury, I headed out to the dreaded Wally-world for a sewing needle because in the event of an emergency, we all know it's impossible to find a sewing needle.*

After I got back, I reassured my son again that all hope was not lost, and set to work.

Gauge wanted to photograph me performing "surgery". This is what a Cody past her bedtime with a headcold looks like.

After five minutes of intense surgery, Elefanty went into recovery. He was a little loopy at first, but was able to sit on his own.

 Besides some soggy material and a little bunching by his eye, Elefanty was as good as new and ready to be reunited with his boy!

Elefanty left my studio the hospital exhausted and ready for bed.

 Have you ever had to mend your child's favorite lovey? Do you have an epic tale of saving the day for your child? Share in the comments!

*Let it be noted when I set down to write this blog post, I scooted stuff across my table to make room for my tissue box and jabbed my hand with my lost sewing needle.

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  1. Snuffy was a dog I had for 13 years. She was a delightful Schnoodle. When I finally decided to set up a sewing room in spare room, one thing I added was a daybed found at garage sale. Someone I sort of knew at the hospital made me a lacy heart pillow, never knew why, guess she thought I needed one. It had a place of honor on that daybed. That was until Snuffy found it. Every day, she would take it off the daybed and put it on the floor. Everyday, I would pick it up and put it back. This went on for years. She never really hurt it, just didn't like it up on the daybed. LOL



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