Aug 31, 2013

Tadpoles, nerdy owls and aluminum can wreaths!

That is what my picks are for this week!

I adore the fun colors in this hat from Melli's Yarn Works. Bonus? Melli's "tadpole" hats for babies are just $5! I've bought a ton of my sister's new babe, they are fabulous! 

I know the owl fad is fading (for sloths, no less) but I adore this nerdy owl necklace from Lady Luck's Designs!

Y'all know I'm a hippie (come on, we have a compost bin!) so of course I adore this upcycled aluminum can wreath from Pour No More!

The Storenvy awesomeness doesn't stop there! Check up the collection down below, and leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite product from the link up is! It may just get featured next week!

Have a Storenvy shop? 

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Select two products from the collection to share via social media. (Do not share to Pinterest without the express permission from the shop owner.) This way, everyone gets some free promo to a wide new audience for free - and it's a great way to network with fellow shop owners! :D

How to link up:
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  1. I like the Cyclops. Actually I like everything, but the cyclops is something I would use.

  2. I love the Zombie T-rex and the cyclops MonStor! :) It is all cute though.

  3. I am so in love with Otis the Cake Troll!

  4. I love the spider earrings and the spider bow! So cute!



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