Nov 22, 2013


Behind is today's #fmsphotoaday prompt, which is exactly how I am feeling today - despite late nights in the studio preparing for the #StorenvyFlash30 Cyber Monday sale I am a part of, I am a bit behind where I wanted to be with inventory before the big 30% off sale. But I am doing all I can do and that is all I can do, so I'm not stressing - quite the opposite, I'm letting the excitement of the big sale day power me through the long hours sewing!

While I have you here: a lot of people have been asking me when I will stock new inventory. I had planned to release Tooth Mon-stors this week as well as restock my plush and a few more Gadget Mon-stors, but it's been grey and wet for the past three days so I haven't been able to photograph any products, but I do have some to add to the shop once the sun peeps out!

As far as Mon-stors go, I am going to list all of the Mon-stors I complete over the weekend the beginning of next week. I can make no promises I will have monsters in stock during the flash sale if the first batch sells out, but I will do my best. As always, they will be available on a first come, first serve basis and I don't hold any products, replicate any products and I do not at this time accept custom orders, so if you see a Mon-stor you like once it's listed you better snap it up! 

Thank you all for being so understanding and patient with me this holiday season! This month started out kind of rocky for me and I got behind on a lot of things, but I am catching up as fast as I can! ♥

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