Nov 15, 2013

Storenvy adds Collections feature, similar to Etsy treasuries

Yesterday Storenvy made some pretty epic updates - they added search bar and pagination to stores, and the ability to add Collections.

Collections are similar to Etsy's Treasury feature or to creating Pinterest boards. While in the Marketplace you can hover over products and there is now a "Collect" button on them.

Once you click that button a box pops up and asks you which Collection you would like to add the product to, and you have the option to add a comment.

Of course the first one I made was a Monster Awesomeness board but you can see all of the collections I have made here.

People can view your collections via your profile page, and you can set boards so that only you can contribute, people you follow can contribute or anyone on Storenvy can contribute to them. My Monster Awesomeness board I made public and you can see here that it displays the users who have contributed to the board when it is a public board.

How do you know if you can collaborate on a board? Check out Storenvy Team member Claire's Handmade board - in the upper right hand corner it has a collaborate button. Click that button and it is then added to your list of boards to chose from when Collecting products.

How do you change who can post? Simply go to your Collections page and click settings. You can then edit your Collection name, description, who can post and you can also delete the board from this page as well.

While this doesn't directly increase search rankings on Storenvy, it does increase visibility for sellers, meaning more eyes on your products! So, get outta here and go make some collections!

What do you think of this new feature?

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