Jan 15, 2014

2014 Week two: Easing in

Still cozy and quiet over here. Not getting into all that much, sewing a bit but mostly relaxing.

The biggest excitement of 2014 so far is my son moving up to a green belt in karate. ♥ So proud of my little dude! And he is pretty stoked because he gets to start sparring next semester!

I've been investing a lot of myself in my communities lately, and last week met with three lovely locals and we crafted, chatted and laughed over the kitchen table. It was good for the heart and soul and I look forward to these monthly visits so much in the coming year - I think we as a society are a wee bit too wrapped up in our gadgets and forget how good it feels to chat over cocoa and really connect with friends & support them! I can't wait for our February get together - something tells me there will be lots of sweets, coffee, cocoa and crafting, and most likely some more side splitting laughter! ♥

Kelly & Melanie brought and worked on the same project - keepsake kids tees in hoops. What are the odds?!
I spent very little time in my studio last week but I did make these guys. I am having a lot of fun with the big Mon-stors this year!

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I have two more blissful weeks of break before I am back at monster making full time. I'm enjoying the break and hope that you are all easing into 2014 full of joy and happy moments! ♥

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