Jan 16, 2014


Today's #creativedaily prompt is workspace so I spent the morning tidying up my little sewing corner to share with you guys. :)

Pictured: Main table that holds a basket of projects, my sewing machine, Ottlite, current WIP & sewing tools. Secondary 6' table for ironing and cutting that also holds my pretty paper flowers in my brands colors. Shelf on the wall holds packing tape, washi tape, business cards, thank you cards, the book my art was published in, basket of pens, screwdrivers and a long knitting needle I use to open my sewing machine when I need to clean it, my ledger for income/expenses.  Not pictured, just to the left of my chair is a small wire shelf (you can see the hangers sticking off the side of it) that holds felt for monster faces & my basket of fur for monster hair. And of course, there's my broken office chair. I never lean back so it doesn't bug me. :)

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