Feb 7, 2014

Fan Mail Friday 2.7.2014

♥ Gotta share some cuteness from this week!

From Kayla: "She's interviewing him: 'Monster, why won't you eat my blocks?!'" Hehehehe! I love it! So cute that she interacts with her Mon-stor by talking to him and interviewing him! Now, I wonder though... Why wouldn't he eat the blocks!?

From Bets: Her kitty likes to sleep on her fluffy monster tote when it's not in use! ♥

From Shawna: So many sweet pictures of her daughter Amelia with her new monster friends and the cutest video of her feeding her Mon-stor! I love it!

Oh! And here is Vincent, the special monster I made for Valentine's Day, that Shawna won the auction for! :D  He looks happy with his new buddies, don't you think?  :)

Wanna share your little monster with their Mon-stors? Snap a picture of your kids with their monsters, post it to Instagram and tag me @lu_and_ed or feel free to post your fan photos to my Facebook page! ♥

1 comment:

  1. Too much cuteness! She loves her monsters. She keeps trying to steal Vincent everytime she comes into my room!



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