Feb 6, 2014

Clean up

I spent today cleaning up the house - washing throw pillows, changing beds, vacuuming and cleaning windows & finally tidying up my studio. Prepared a few orders to go out and then did a quick clean up of my ship station, which contains packaging tape, thank you note cards, marker, stickers, business cards, all chilling by the book my art was published in for Monster Makeover 3 in Tuscaloosa in 2012. ♥

1 comment:

  1. Glad you've gotten that over with quickly. Always better than having the mess accumulate, and then forgotten. Hope it wasn't much of a hassle to your work though. Artist should after all be permitted to avail of as much time as they could, because this whole creative process doesn't just land in one's lap. In any case, congrats on your art's publication!

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