Mar 11, 2014

Week ten: My heart is so full of love this week.

I had started my week by week posts again this year, then life got all crazy. First I was intensely sick with that cold that turned into an entire head infection, then my son was in and out of the ER a few weekends ago with what they thought was kawasaki disease. Luckily it turned out to just be strep infection/scarlet fever. But the following two weeks were intense and I feel like we are just now finding a balance in our home again.

Hopefully, I can start blogging weekly again with updates & pics of all the monsters I have made each week, but today, I just want to share the kindness that has made me all weepy and overwhelmed with love & gratitude this week.

Yesterday I was so honored to find myself among the most inspiring and wonderful women in the creative community in this post from Oh my! Handmade Goodness: Fifty Creative Women Who Inspire and Inform.

I sniffled. I weeped. I had been so unplugged last week while I was sewing in my studio that I had missed the call for recommendations on OMHG fan page - so many sweet, kind friends recommended me! ♥ I wish I had caught that post, I have so many beautiful, creative women I would have loved to have recommended for this list. I thought about making my own list here but it would be dozens of pages - so many incredible creative women I know, love and look up to! Thank you, Jessika, for the honor of being a part of this incredible list. ♥

This week, I also found out I was featured on the Missouri Art Council's website in their article about the indie maker movement in Missouri. Ironically, I had opened this article three different times and kept getting pulled away from it. The next morning my friend Kristen of Hey Paul! tagged me and told me I had been featured - I nearly choked on my donut when I saw it! ♥ I took a screen shot and posted it below, in case you guys didn't want to scroll through nine pages to find the feature. ;)

I don't know if you saw the other sweetness that happened this week, but if not you can read about the surprise gifts from Celeste and Shawna here. I was also surprised to received this incredible package from Nichole of Shop Baby Moon with tons of awesome fabric scraps in it. ♥

My heart is just bursting with love this week. After a rough start to the year, these sweet acts of kindness healed my soul! ♥ Always take the time to be kind, friends, you never know how much it will mean to someone! I have been weepy with love all week, head so full of happy my eyes leak a bit. ♥

I have to go photograph and list these Mon-stors before an angry mob shows up at my door (they were supposed to be listed two days ago, whoops!) but I will try to get back to the week by week updates, guys! ♥ I have missed having this place to gather my thoughts and pour my heart out to you guys.


  1. Glad to see you and your son are all better. Strep is rough. A few days after reading that they thought he might have kawasaki disease, I got strep. My brother passed it on to me. So good to be over that mess.

    1. Oh no! That is terrible, so sorry to hear you caught it! How rough. I am glad you are feeling better! Strep is so awful, it gets nasty so fast if you don't treat it soon enough!



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