Apr 9, 2014

Change the World Wednesday - Clean Air for All!

Last's week's #ctww was protect the oceans. This week's challenge is to make small changes to reduce air pollution.

For this challenge, I am going to turn off the heat for the week and add an extra comforter to the beds (it's still kinda nippy here at night), Trace is going to work one day from home this week instead of commuting to work, and we are going to plant a tree as well as prepare our garden beds to plant veggies!

If you want to join in on this week's challenge to help reduce air pollution but aren't sure where to start, here is a list of ideas:
  • Plant a tree - or a shrub, or a flowering bush, or a garden! We are working on our garden this week! You could also take a (disposable) trash bag and go for a hike through your local trails or woods to pick up litter so existing vegetation can thrive.
  • Don't drive unless you have to, and if you must consider carpooling or using public transit if possible or roll up all your errands into one trip out. Make sure your tires are aligned and inflated properly to reduce emissions!
  • If possible, let your kid ride the bus to and from school rather than driving them. This reduces a ton of exhaust pollution from the commute and idling in the pick up and drop off lane. If you can, arrange to have them carpool to after-school activities with friends or volunteer to be the carpool driver!
  • Reduce the electricity you use - Turn off your heat/air and open the windows. Open the curtains rather than turning on lights. Unplug things that are not in use. Turn off your computer when you aren't using it. Instead of drying bedding in the dryer, line-dry laundry, especially heavy linens. This will greatly reduce energy consumption!
  • Recycle -  paper, plastic, glass bottles, cardboard, and aluminum cans. (This conserves energy and reduces pollution from production.) Also - reduce products you purchase in disposable packaging altogether to make an even bigger impact! Instead of buying canned fruit and veggies, buy fresh produce! Instead of buying jars of baby food, buy fresh produce and puree your own in the blender! (It is also WAY cheaper to make your own!)

  • Use all-natural cleaners - Apple cider vinegar is an amazingly versatile cleaner - we use it for laundry and our floors! Stop using dryer sheets full of harmful chemicals - Winter Solstice Dreams makes reusable dryer sachets that smell great and soften your laundry, as well as all natural room sprays. We also use all-natural vegan shampoo from Gnarly Whale and handmade, organic soaps made in small batches from various makers. 
Will you be joining to help reduce air pollution this week? If so, share how in the comments! 


  1. I love love love this post Cody! These are all a some of our favorite green tips right there. For the past few months we've been so fortunate w/ lovely weather we enjoy the windows open during the day, and now at night to cool the house back down, but in winter we try to not use the heater & sleep with about five blankets haha. i love your "have kids ride the bus tip" too because I always lived too close to school when I was young and had to bike or walk and was jealous of the kids who got to rid the bus together, they always seemed to have so much fun! Oh, and on air drying, I highly rec a little drying rack. we never had one until recently and it really makes it SO much easier to just set the little things right on it instead of having to pin up all those little things. Such a great post!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  2. Great tips! I'm a firm believer in rideshares: at some point we were part of a 7-child, 4-family rideshare scheme. The children love to ride together, and the moms save a lot of time and gas. (Of course, we all park our cars and catch up with other parents picking up their children: standing in a line idling looks a little stupid).



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