Apr 10, 2014

LuandEd.com is Four Years Old Today! Oh, and the giveaway winners are announced!

Woohoo! Today is my official four year Envyversary! On this day, four years ago, I came home from a rather pathetic craft show where I had heard about Storenvy.com, unloaded the car and  jumped online to set up my online store! I have come a LONG way from then - both in the look and feel of my brand and the overall quality of my products and photography. I've created new products, nixed some old ones, and made some incredible, genuine friends in the Storenvy community.

I have learned so much in the past four years and felt so honored to be a part of this incredible community of sellers, makers, designers and shop owners. I know that the people behind Storenvy genuinely care about their sellers and they are constantly coming up with new ways to showcase their users products and help sellers improve. I know for a fact I would not be where I am today if I had not joined Storenvy four years ago, because they have continually provided great resources for improving photography, listing descriptions, and so much more to their sellers as well as personally reaching out and offering support.  ♥

I would never, ever, consider selling elsewhere! Storenvy has my heart and I will continue to celebrate every Envyversary like it's '99! And that means, of course, by bringing the community together to offer you guys amazing prizes from Storenvy sellers! So without further ado, here is the list of prizes and their winners - winners names are in the caption below each photo!

(Oh! Just one thing real quick: Winners have 24 hours to reply to the sponsors email requesting the address to mail the prize to before I will draw another winner for that prize)

Melanie Gipson won the Mon-stor and plush set from me!

 Kayly Nyman // Crafteroni & Chees
 Kristin Logan // Sugar Crumbs
Jenna Doneff // Penelope's Eclectic Closet
Ashley Nicole // The Mollie Shop
Susan Helliesen // Dazzling and Dapper

Erin Greene // Squshies
Chelsea Hinson // Kiser Krafts
Lauren Ognibene Harris // Baby Moon Boutique
Joni Choudhary // Gipson Wands
Amy Averitte //  Landon's Toy Box
Katy Coffman // Scrawny Girl
Danielle Gloege // Violet's Buds
Sylvia Birns-Sprague // Unique Creations by Tracy
Dena Liston // Zeeuh
Alicia Manzano // Little House of Crafting
Elizabeth Holsomback // Nature Junkie
Rachel Farge-Mills // Be You, Not Them
Holly Cothran Ni-Chern Designs
Mary Helene // ImagineIf
Ashley Pate // Krmbal

Thank you to everyone who helped make this Envyversary celebration such a huge success by entering & sharing and offering sweet words about my Envyversary! And a HUGE thank you to my sponsors - this wouldn't have been so great without you! You all rock and I am so glad to call you all my friends! ♥

I have sent all the sponsors the winner's email addresses, so if you see your name listed on here please keep an eye on your email connected to Rafflecopter & check your spam folders for emails - all the sponsors should be emailing their winners today! :) If you do not get an email from the sponsor feel free to shoot them an email since you only have 24 hours to claim your prize before a new winner is chosen. ♥


  1. Thank you to all of the vendors and to you Cody!!!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting such a stellar giveaway and congrats to you on all of your success! Looking forward to celebrate your Envyversaries for years to come :) Thanks to all the vendors that participated too! (excited to have won from Penelope's Eclectic Closet!)

  3. Happy 4 Years Lu & Ed!! Such an incredible giveaway - thank you so much to all the vendors!

  4. Congrats on years, and thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway!



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