Apr 3, 2014


The expression on my son's face when he came home from school and saw this toy laying on the table was priceless. He picked it up, squeezed it and quietly said "I love it."

You see, last week my foster pooch chewed up his rainbow lemur Yoohoo toy just like this one, his third most prized stuffie (and if you are a parent like me, you know that the alligator tears following the loss of a beloved stuffie is one of the hardest things you gotta witness as a parent). My beautiful friend Erin from Sugar Crumbs saw my post on Facebook about the defaced rainbow lemur Yoohoo and offered to send me one exactly like the one that got chewed up. It got here today and I laid it out on the table so it would be the first thing he saw when he got home. ♥  Thanks again, Erin. You have no idea how much this meant to him!

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