Apr 4, 2014

Week Thirteen - First show of the season & more!

A few days late but here is last week's studio update! This week has been intense and I haven't made anything at all, and here's a few reasons why in no particular order: our washer flooding the garage, my dog getting terrible anxiety at night over storms so I haven't slept more than about 15 hours all week, my silly dog jumping over the silly fence and running rampant through the neighborhood and almost get squished by cars, and yesterday, the drain pipe from the kitchen sink bursting in the wall and flooding the basement. With all this going on I haven't even been in the studio since Thursday, the day before my first show.

And as you know I was hustling super hard last week prepping for that first show of the season, Zeleny's first in a series of new monthly mini eco art markets. It was a good event! Steady traffic the entire evening and the best part was I got to set up right beside Scott & Melanie, owners of Gipson Wands and Violet's Buds!

Pic from Zeleny! See the one single spot I missed ironing on my table cloth? Grrr! Haha!
I was sewing literally up until the last minute for Zeleny - here is pictures of everything I made! I made 27 monsters last week, putting me back on track to making 350 monsters total in 2014, whew!  Check availability at luanded.com!

And that my friend's, is what a crazy week in the studio looks like! Hoping to push out that much inventory this coming week!

Despite all the craziness, I have a light and happy heart today - Trace will be home tomorrow! See, he's been in Mexico for over three weeks on a business trip. So if I've been scarce online lately, it's because I've been flying solo and juggling the start of show season, crazy pets, house disastrophes and the regular things piling up (especially laundry, since the washer is broken, haha!). Things should be back to normal at the start of next week, and hopefully I will have lots of new Mon-stor listings for you guys soon!  ♥ Thank you for being patient with me!!


  1. That's some week!!! glad things are getting back to normal. I had a doozie of a week myself. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Glad T will be coming back home....and hopefully all the craziness subsides :)



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