May 5, 2014

Happy Mail!

Man! I was so stoked when I opened my door to collect the mail today - a huge stack of goodies were waiting for me & I just had to share with you!

First up, look at this gorgeous mandala from Habitual Homebody I got in a trade! So beautiful! I was so excited to trade with Alycia because I have been a huge fan of her colorful crochet creations for quite a long time, and I am so excited to have this beauty in my home now!

Then I was overwhelmed with love and all manner of happy feelings when I opened two HUGE mailers from Darice of Pauseli - In an #omhg tweetchat a few weeks ago I had mentioned having a hard time finding red fleece and this awesome lady found some at her local thrift store and sent it my way - with lots of other cute fleece items for me to turn into Mon-stors! Thank you, Darice, thank you! I love it all! ♥

I love my community of makers so much. There is so much kindness and joy among them that is shared freely and without thoughts of reciprocation - being kind and generous for no other reason than to be kind and generous. I am so blessed to call so many thoughtful and sweet makers my friends. ♥


  1. Fun!! The colors inthat crochet piece is awesome!

  2. Love that mandala, and Habitual Homebody! Alycia was actually my first blogger portrait. :D Yay for handmade love!

  3. maker communities are what keep me going!

  4. I'm so glad you like it! I'm assuming the record sleeve kept it nice and flat?



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