Jun 28, 2014

July's #CreativeDaily Prompts!

I never expected #creativedaily to get so big so fast! Almost 1,000 images a month are getting uploaded to Instagram monthly since the start of the year!

Not familiar with #creativedaily? It is the only photo challenge geared directly towards creatives, artists, makers & small biz owners - anybody who needs a spark of creativity daily is welcome to join in and make new friends through this fun photo collective!

You see, the goal of #creativedaily is to inspire creative people to document their life and indie biz journey through daily photos & snippets of text, encouraging them, each day, to do something creative while fostering creative community & new friendships through social media.

Want to join in? Just upload a photo each day that relates to the daily prompt (7/1 is "love" so you would upload an photo that you took that means "love" to you) with the hashtag #creativedaily in the title. This is a great way to organically show people the person behind the products and give them a glimpse into your life & the processes for making your wares. 

Wanna know something cool? Almost every single prompt on this list was suggested by kiddos! I posted on social media this week asking parents to ask their kids for three words, and I chose one from every suggestion and added a few in for the holiday. :) Enjoy! 

Which prompt is your favorite?

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